Our Story

Once upon a time in a land to the north lived a beautiful young woman. She had the voice of an angel and loved teaching children about music. The young woman was very blessed with three amazingly bright, loving and talented children. Even still, she knew that there was something missing in her life.

Far away to the south lived a handsome young bachelor. He had everything a person could want, he had a fine education, loved his work, and had many friends. But there was one thing that he wanted more than anything that he still didn’t have.

Both the young woman and the young man went looking for what they were missing for a long, long time. No matter where they looked it seemed that they never found what they most desired. One day the young woman saw a picture of the young man on the kingdom’s announcement board. Frustrated at not being able to find what he most desired he had put up his picture and beneath it he had written about his hopes and dreams of what he one day hoped to find. Intrigued, the young woman sent the young man a letter introducing herself.

The young man was excited to receive the letter from the beautiful young woman. She was indeed very beautiful and was smart and clever. She told him of her three bright children and of her hopes and dreams for what she was missing in her life.

A short while later in the land to the south, where the young man lived, word quickly spread that there was to be held a great ball. Excited people came from all over the kingdom to enjoy the ball. The beautiful young woman and the handsome young bachelor both agreed to meet at the ball. Even though the beautiful young woman lived further away she arrived at the dance first. When the young man entered the room he immediately recognized the young woman standing across the room. She ran to him and they embraced.

Although he didn’t know it at the time, the young man fell in love at first sight, the young woman was even more beautiful, fun, clever, and kind than he had ever imagined. The young woman was enchanted with the young man’s charm, thoughtfulness and wit and was very excited to get to know him better.

That night at the ball they danced the night away to such classics as “Dynamite” and “Party Rock Anthem”. They were both smitten and arranged to meet again the following week. That night the young man awoke in the middle of the night with a song in his heart. He quickly wrote and composed a love song for the beautiful young woman.

The next week they met in the land to the north. They shared a romantic dinner and watched a popular show. During the second act of the show the young man realized that he loved the beautiful young woman and that she was what he was missing in his life. That night, before he journeyed back to the land in the south, under the night lights of the village the young man and the young woman kissed. It was a magical kiss, the heavens stood still and the whole world slowed around them.

The next few days all the young couple could think about was being in each others arms again. In his absence the young woman realized that she loved and needed the young man in her life.

The beautiful young woman was so happy that everyone noticed the change in her. Her children wanted to know who the young man was that made their mother so happy.

It wasn’t long before everyone realized that they were meant to be together, they were to be a family.

And so the young man took the beautiful young woman back to the place where they shared their first romantic dinner and he asked her to marry him. With tears in her eyes and her heart overflowing with joy she said yes.

And so they were married under a blossoming tree, the young man proclaiming his love to the young woman and she proclaiming her’s to him. The young woman finally had what she had been missing for so many years. With their three bright, loving and talented children standing at their sides they became a family. The young man finally had what he had wanted for so many years. And they all lived happily ever after.

To be continued…


8 Responses to Our Story

  1. Kathyleehatch says:

    WE love your story!!! we are awaiting the next episode with baited breath!

    Love you guys

  2. Deborah Nowland says:

    Waiting patiently….

  3. Hannah Ungricht says:

    I am totally excited to read the story – hurry up and post it….please. 🙂

  4. Deborah Nowland says:

    fun, fun, fun!

  5. Marie says:

    Lovely. I can’t wait for the next installment.

  6. Kathy Alatorre says:

    What a beautiful love story! My heart is full for you both and your three bright, loving and talented children 🙂

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