On Being a Dad: Part II

I find that one of the most interesting parts of being a Dad is watching as my children discover who they are.  Cooper struggles at times with his awkward and inappropriate sense of humour and Levi is just discovering that he has hands.  As a Dad over this past year I have loved watching the kids grow into themselves and develop into such wonderful people.  Indulge me as I share a bit.

Cooper Reading to Lydia (9/19/12)


He would never admit it, but he is a deeply caring boy who at times can show a tremendous amount of empathy.  He is confident in his abilities and is very matter of fact and honest sharing with others things he has learned.  Whether it is mathematics, grammar, the necessity of baptism, or the importance of democracy, he will gladly share what he knows.  His 10-year-old sensibilities about fairness can be a struggle for him at times, but it also means that he is generous in giving credit to others when due. That’s good for me because I still get lots of hugs from him.  I’m lamenting the day when it isn’t cool to hug dad anymore.

Blanket Pile (6/21/2012)


Proudly proclaiming a love for all things “boyish”, Catelyn is the girliest girl in the house.  Her love for mud, Legos, soccer balls, and a propensity for injuring herself is balanced by one of the sweetest and most generous of personalities.  Catelyn has the ability to make friends almost instantly and she will literally give you the food off her plate or the clothes off her back if she feels you are in need.  Her love for art, music, and singing fills our home with a constant energy that is noticeably absent when she is away or engrossed in a book or reading The Friend magazine.


Of late, my little princess has dubbed herself the quietest child in the family.  This is mostly true between 9pm and 6am.  She says she is quiet because she is thinking.  And she does!  At times she will break her silence with completely off topic questions or statements, but often she will interject with a perfectly timed and thought out one-liner that will have us all laughing.  Her developing sense of humour is not too surprising in a home where her big brother and dad are always trying to one up each other on the funny scale.


My angel baby is a miracle and a joy that I am so grateful for.  His complete dependency and innocence are a tremendous responsibility and privilege.  The way his face lights up when he sees me melts my heart every time and watching the way Becky works so hard to care for him has made me love her more than ever.  Levi has a distinct advantage of having three siblings who dote over him and cant wait to teach him everything they know.


Our children continually delight and surprise me.  As Becky and I count down the days until are family is sealed in the temple we are very aware of how truly blessed we are.


2 Responses to On Being a Dad: Part II

  1. Deborah Nowland says:

    tears and smiles : )

  2. Kathy Alatorre says:

    Love your indulgance! To be able to see your children as you do, is a gift that you have been blessed with. You have a lot of love and compassion, consideration and caring AND a great sense of humor. I’m glad Cooper enjoys that with you. I pray that God will continue to bless you and Becky and your growing family. Can’t wait for hugs this weekend 🙂

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